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Farewell to Wire Hanger

Hangers that give away in dry cleaners are not suitable for quality garments. The ends are nailed to the sleeves of the blouses and stretch the fabric, and the poorly finished edges are hooked on the delicate fabric. The thin hangers shatter the shoulders and can not stand heavy garments.


Dressing involves a considerable investment of money, time and energy and no one likes the premature death of a beloved garment. Care extends the life of clothing and helps to maintain good looks. . Therefore, if you need the professional services that we provide in Mallorca do not hesitate to entrust us with what many times more you identify. Ironing and washing at home Mallorca is our specialty.

And, taking advantage of the fact that you’ve come here, you may want to read some little tips that Magic Cleaning suggest:

Air the clothes before putting it on

A moment! Do not put away that expensive suit or the pretty dress. After wearing a garment, hang it all night out of the wardrobe before storing it. Ventilation smoothes wrinkles and, by removing moisture and odors, reduces the need for dry face cleaning.


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